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If you have an immigration problem, Attorney Pushkar Mitra wants to listen to the details of your situation before opening your case and setting to work for you. He understands how overwhelming the process is and will help smooth the process for you. Mitra means friend, so hire us NOW.


The path to citizenship is laid out clearly, but a lawyer can help you prepare your paperwork and present your case in the best light. Making a mistake now could have dire consequences. If you don’t follow the directions exactly, you could jeopardize your chance of ever immigrating legally.

Attorney Pushkar Mitra will give you honest and accurate information regarding the actions you need to take.


If you are visiting the United States to work, and have your own passport from your home country already, you will require a visa. The visa application includes a written form and two interviews.

Attorney Pushkar Mitra has experience helping other clients get visas, and will help you streamline your application to give it the best chance of success.

Deportation Issues

If you or a loved one are currently subject to a deportation action, you need to consult an attorney immediately. You may be allowed to post bond, but you could be sent back and have no recourse as far as returning.

You can try to set the hearing when it is to your advantage.  We will help you evaluate the situation, and whether for instance voluntarily leaving may be the best option in the circumstances. Stop waiting, call us 855-787-4527.

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If you need help with an Immigration issue, our Attorneys team is eager to hear your story. Immigration is a personal issue and those wishing to immigrate reflect a wide Diversity.

Attorney Pushkar Mitra speaks English, Spanish, and Urdu/Hindi, in order to better serve his clients. You can also be assured that he is very flexible with payment plans and scheduling appointments because he understands the difficulties most people face and thinks you should still be able to take advantage of professional legal services regardless of your circumstances.

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